The Boats… They’re Everywhere

Sixty-eight Ranger Tugs and Cutwaters in one place, at one time. They were many sizes, from 21 to 29 feet. If set end to end they would have measured 1,768 feet or one-third of a mile long. A rainbow of colors were represented from yellow, dark red, fire engine red, blue, green, tan and white with owners from as far away as Maine and New York, on the east coast, Michigan, Texas, California, Montana, Colorado and Oregon. Most were from the Washington State, many from British Columbia, Canada.

With 68 boats present, Lisa and I had an opportunity to witness first hand how these Tugnuts (Ranger Tug owners) equip their boats with dinghies, cockpit tables and chairs interior and exterior storage containers, anchors and so on. With only two weeks of ownership behind us these are all things that are of interest to us, being new Ranger Tug owners, so we were more than anxious to gather all this information. Although our boat was only two weeks old, there were new owners in attendance who had only owned their tug for a week.

Interesting enough, of the 68 boats in attendance all had uniquely different names from our Kismet to Shared Dream, Tug of My Heart, Willies Tug, Laxey, Nellie Too, Moondance, Karma, Red Ranger, Salish Rover, just to name a few.

Okay, we know that the boat (above – right) is not a Ranger Tug, but Anne and Lawrence Yeadon-Jones, showed up on their sailboat, Dreamspeaker to present their guide books to the Tugnut group. They have authored and published a whole collection of very popular guidebooks to the Pacific Northwest.


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  1. Gary Means

    I am looking for a used Ranger 29. If you see one or know of one please share my email. Thanks, Gary

    1. admin

      Will do. Don’t know of any at this time but will keep an eye out for you. What part of the country are you in?

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