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Jim & Lisa Favors aboard their trawler Kismet

We have spent five years as long distance cruisers, completing the Great Loop Boat trip almost twice. We recently decided to change the way we boat by selling our 40-foot Fathom and buying a trailerable trawler, a Ranger Tug R27. We’re excited and invigorated to learn and share all the interesting things we discover while towing our boat all over the United States.

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We are currently on America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association (AGLCA) Advisory Board. We both write for Boat US Cruising Logs and Jim is a past contributing editor for the Waterway Guides. We’ve published two boating books, When the Water Calls, We Follow  (27 Loopers tell their tales about their experiences), and Women On Board Cruising (25 women, long-distance cruisers share their thoughts about this amazing lifestyle).


The Favors have published two books while on their boating adventures – the first, When the Water Calls… We Follow, gives 27 different perspectives on experiencing the Great Loop boat trip. The second, Women On Board Cruising, is written by 25 women boaters who share the trials and tribulations of long-distance cruising from a woman’s perspective.

Jim and Lisa also write  twice-monthly logs for Boat U.S. Cruising Logs and have chronicled both of their Great Loop trips, as well as a few other cruising trips, in these logs and are currently writing about the trailer trawler lifestyle. Jim and Lisa maintain a popular boating site Favors Great Loop Blog which is more a visual depiction of doing the Loop.

Part of this website is under construction – Please check back often. We’re adding new photos, BLOG posts and articles every week. Our goal is to focus on the inherent benefits and issues of trailerable trawlering while also featuring the many trawlers and sometimes the hauling trucks or accessories that are available, their different attibutes etc. along with favorite cruising destinations and creative ideas for getting the most out of trailerable cruising.