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When the Water Calls, Women on Board

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Twenty-five seasoned women boaters including editor, and long-distance cruiser, Lisa Targal Favors of Traverse City, are sharing the trials and tribulations of life aboard in the newly released book, Women On Board Cruising. Conceptualized, edited and published by Ms. Favors, the book is designed to inspire and inform women and their significant others who are planning on – or just considering – spending an extended period of time on the water.

The contributors humorously recount their very personal experiences and openly share life lessons learned about this little-known lifestyle. Several women tell their story with a rare, revealing vulnerability. Not all initially welcomed the thought of life within the confines of a boat but were cajoled by partners who had a greater desire and competence for this type of adventure. From doing the “Loop” (a boat trip circumnavigating the Eastern United States from the heartland rivers to the North Atlantic seaboard and Great Lakes) to sailing around the world, their stories are sure to warm the hearts of male and female readers alike.

“Questions! Doubts! You have so many before you set out! Well, just when you thought there was no one out there who understood you, along comes this awesome book, filled with warm women’s voices offering clever advice, and helpful been-there-felt-that reassurance. It’s like sitting down with a cup of tea and a support group of experienced fellow cruisers who can’t wait to show you the ropes, and how cruising changed their lives and priorities,” notes Bernadette Bernon of BoatU.S. Magazine and Cruising World in her review of Women On Board Cruising.

Women On Board Cruising
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A few months into their first Great Loop trip Traverse City residents, Jim and Lisa Favors, thought that a book by a group of boaters who were willing to share their personal perspectives about their own “Loop” would be a valuable tool for those either considering this trip or just plain curious about it. This book (edited and published by the Favors), When the Water Calls… We Follow, is a good read for anyone considering leaving the comforts of home to take off on an adventure of any kind.

The entertaining stories shared within this book would be of great interest to anyone who has ever pondered a radical lifestyle change whether it is on a boat, RV or other means of transportation. This is a useful vehicle for people either considering this trip, or just curious about it, to have a better sense of what a journey like this can entail in an untouchable sense. In the Favors’ opinion, the Great Loop Adventure is more about the day-to-day journey, relationships, communing with nature, and most definitely not about the final destination or even the itinerary. If embarked upon, this trip would enhance and enrich the lives of anyone who has a taste for adventure, and a heart ripe for surprises, both large and small.

“We asked other boaters we met to share their varied and insightful experiences with us, while keeping their responses more philosophical in nature with little stories that were still fresh in their minds, ones that had made their trip valuable to them.” noted Jim and Lisa in the forward of their book.

The Favors did not want a book on itineraries, destinations, facts or figures. They wanted the reader to get a sense of what a “Looper” might experience, how they overcame obstacles, what they enjoyed, how they got along with their crew for such a long time in a small space and, in a number of cases, how some Loopers accomplished the 6,000-mile trip mostly, or completely, by themselves. Even more importantly, they wanted to show why people left the familiarity of their long-time lifestyle to tackle a trip like this, and what they ultimately gained in return.

Quote lift – Jim & Lisa Favors: “People asked us, ‘Did the boat get a little small?’ It was their way of asking if we got along in the confines of the boat. Well, I can’t honestly say that it was a piece of cake all the time, but after the first month and a half, we finally worked out some issues of space and togetherness. I guess we looked at it as a small hurdle in front of something even greater, and since this trip was so desired by both of us, we made a real effort to adjust.

When the Water Calls
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