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Boaterhoming On Kismet, Zion National Park

Stopping Short of Zion National Park

Finally getting into the rockiness of Nevada, Utah and Arizona. Our goal is to arrive at Lake Powell beginning of the week and we've picked a great driving route that will allow us some arid vistas and views. Although we're not really stopping to sightsee along the way we've enjoyed driving through the territory we've covered so far. We left Las Vegas this morning with much anticipation because we're heading to Springdale, a small tourist town just outside the entrance to Zion National Park. Initially we thought we might camp out in the park but after reading a few cautionary signs about the size of vehicles that can drive through the park we decided to stop at an RV park in Springdale instead and think about whether we really wanted to drive through the park or go a longer, less scenic route. Good choice as it turns out since we had a chance to walk around the town and we…

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Boaterhoming On Kismet, Las Vegas

Skirting Las Vegas

We decided to forgo activities in Las Vegas this trip because we were so anxious to get to Lake Powell and go boating. We found Hitch'in Post RV Park, a nice park, for a one-night stay, on the outskirts of town and enjoyed hot baths and a quick take out dinner from the bar just outside. The park has great security but it makes you wonder why they need penitentiary style gates to gain access to the site. Yes, just a quick stop in Las Vegas this time, got to get back on the water. 15 PRIME ACRES – LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION – This sign (above-left) gave a a laugh along with the one (above-right) that advertises a free room if you roll the dice right. Lots of entertainment along our route that day. Here we sat in the Hitch'in Post RV Park. Right next to the showers and swimming pool.

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Boaterhoming On Kismet, Lake Walker

A Night at Whiskey Flats RV Park

Boaterhoming on Kismet at Whiskey Flats RV Park! After a long days drive we were happy to come across Whiskey Flats RV Park in Hawthorne, Nevada. Not a lot of opportunities to find a places to stay for the night in this wide open, arid countryside. The town of Hawthorne lies just beyond Walker Lake, a beautiful, almost mirage like, lake in a dessert setting – this afternoon the skies were dark and stormy off to the east of us, we were happy to find a spot to rest for the night. The park was nice with all the amenities a camper might need. Clean showers, a little store and laudramat-sized facilities. We took our time in the morning deciding to get our laundry done - another step ahead in our preparations to get right to boating once we get there.

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Boaterhoming On Kismet, Cisco Grove Park

Nineteen Years + Four and Counting…

Très Romantique! Some people may not think camping out on your anniversary is the romantic thing to do but in our case it certainly was. A beautiful spot in Cisco Grove - California's Tahoe National Forest did the trick for us. All by ourselves in a 406 site campground, nestled in the Donner Summit with a campfire, a bottle of wine, a simple dinner and each other... priceless!

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Boaterhoming On Kismet, Santa Cruz, CA

Camping in Santa Cruz

First night out of Portland took us to Yreaka, California, we couldn't find our appointed campground next to the Klamath River, but lucky enough for us we had noticed this nice Rest Area/Information Center nearby. A couple of other RVer's were setting up their rigs to spend the night and we decided to do the same. Lots of room, just them and us and it was actually a very nice spot with a small river right next to the parking lot. It was very quiet until just after we went to bed when the trucks started to show up and it sounded like, well... a truck stop. Needless to say not much sleep that night but it was an interesting experience and we'd do it again but next time we'll make sure we know where the ear plugs are ahead of time. We were visiting Santa Cruz, not to boat, but to visit Jim's sister, Denise and family. Our next camp…

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Boaterhoming Battle Ground State Park, Oregon

First of Many New Adventures – “Boaterhoming” on Kismet

We Now Call Ourselves "Boaterhomies." Battle Ground State Park, in Washington State, was the spot for our first "Boater Home" experience. Since we had just driven six miles off the freeway to check out this park, we were happy they had availability for us to spend the night. We choose the first site available, right by the entrance, since it was a very thick woods and being new at this type of camping and trailering a big boat behind the truck, did not want to contend with low lying branches or too sharp of a winding curve in the road further into the campground. We were surrounded by families huddled around campfires cooking dinner and cleaning up. We heard all the campground sounds and smells, lots of talking and laughing and kids running around the park. We seemed to have created a little entertainment for the campers as many took a tour by our boat, with kids in tow, curious…

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Olympic National Park Hoh Rain Forest

Olympic National Park – Hoh Rainforest, Washington

You guessed it – raining on the day we went to the rainforest, but we have to say it only added to the experience. A slight drizzle lasted during our entire hike through the forest. One of the most colorful and absolutely beautiful fungus's we have ever seen. We weren't in the little town of Forks very long before we realized we were in the midst of "Twilight Zone." Since the popular movie, Twilight was shot here not too long ago the little town has become something of a tourist attraction for those interested in vampires. When Jim saw the first sign referring to the Twilight Zone, he immediately related it to Rod Sterling's TV show, which was popular in the late 1950s. On the way back from the forest we started to notice all the massive blackberry bushes lining the road and just like the bears in the woods, we needed a snack. With both of us picking we…

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