Are You a Turtle?

I was doing laundry at Turtle Cove Marina’s Club House during our last day in Tarpon Springs when Jim joined me and we decided to have a beer in the club’s bar. It appears Jim had an ulterior motive for meeting me at the club house, he had heard they would have the bar open with an array of snack food available while a football party was starting to heat up.

We had met the owner of Turtle Cove Marina, Ed Spaeth, at the beginning of our week’s stay at the marina, so he readily welcomed us to the party and while sitting with us proceeded to tell us about another club he belonged to, he wanted to induct us into this special organization but first we had to answer four key questions that are asked of every potential member before becoming a “Turtle.” He assured us all of the questions, and answers, were “clean” and we should not assume the obvious. We had a lot of fun while interacting with Ed trying to guess the answer’s correctly so that we could become members of this group. Apparently we passed and Ed signed and gave us our own official membership card. We are now proud to be Turtles ourselves.

Are you a Turtle?





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