Better Than Sex?

On this particular day we had had a huge lunch a our favorite Cuban restaurant, El Caney, on Stock Island, later that afternoon, we drove to downtown Key West to take a long walk and watch the sunset. We really weren’t hungry for a dinner, but we thought maybe we’d just get dessert somewhere. That was when we remembered several people telling us about a dessert restaurant named Better Than Sex, they only offer dessert on their menu. “Why not”, we said, “how about we just have dessert for dinner?” Music to the ears of our server.

As you can see from the photo (below-left) we were not disappointed. Jim ordered creme brûlée and I got the signature dish, “Better than Sex.” They assured us both selections would live up to our expectations. Jim, of course, wanted to know if there was a money back guarantee if the dessert did not live up to the name of the establishment.

We liked the games on the table. It kept us entertained as we waited for our desserts to arrive.


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