Boat Yard Blues – Part Two

I am truly in the swing of things on day two in the boat yard. The good news is the On & Off product helped de-wax the hull, one of the steps needed to properly prepare the hull for bottom paint. Next, and it was probably overkill, I applied acetone to the hull to assure that all wax, from when the hull came out of the mold, was completely gone. After a good washing I taped the hull off an inch below the boot stripe then applied a very light 220 grit scuffing followed by a final washing in preparation for the painting, which I feel is the easiest part.

Bottom paints are like opinions; there is plenty of each. There are several brands we could have chosen but in the end I decided on Pettit Vivid for the bottom paint and their corresponding Pettit Skip Sand Primer. The primer is described as a “pre-treatment primer designed to adhere tenaciously to un-sanded fiberglass gel coat.” We lightly sanded the hull anyway, so the primer should stick well. I applied one coat of the gray primer, then two coats of the Pettit Vivid (three coats at the water line).

It’s very satisfying to see the final result of all my hard work. Now we can rest easy and not be concerned with what is going on underneath the boat.

The nasty, but very necessary, job of bottom painting was complete within 48 hours. We stayed on the hard one more night to let the paint dry and we were back in the water 68 hours after our haul out.





  1. Nice job, Jim. One question – how about the spots where the hull was resting on the jack blocks? Did you have to move them all, one by one, or lift the whole boat and relocate them? I’ve never seen it done and always wondered.

    1. Jim says:

      Thanks for your comments Bruce. The hull had three jack stands on each side and the yard owner stated that as long as I moved one at a time I would be ok and it worked just fine, just an additional step. As far as the blocks to support the keel I have not done anything with these 2 spots yet. My plan is to service these two areas when I put our boat on our trailer and the area is exposed…..another advantage of a trailerable trawler.