Our “First Ever” Shrimp Boil

FernandinaBeach191 Our First Ever Shrimp Boil

First, our friend Ellen and her husband, Roy, on Our Turn, came up with the idea to have a simple, but festive, evening on the dock tonight and procured shrimp from these fishermen (above and below). This was only the first 150 lbs she bought, it was such a popular topic on the docks, people wanted to buy more the next day, so Ellen ended up purchasing the rest of the catch these guys had to sell, another 150 lbs.

This all transpired the day before the rendezvous started, people were still arriving and getting settled in. We were all pleasantly surprised that Ellen and Roy put this thing together so that we would have a fun, carefree evening partying on the docks.

FernandinaBeach192 Our First Ever Shrimp BoilFernandinaBeach 372d Our First Ever Shrimp Boil

Here we are on the dock with our stash to clean (above – shrimp with heads on). We took some of it to the shrimp boil that night and the rest we froze so that we could savor a little bit of Florida in the weeks to come.

FernandinaBeach 369 Our First Ever Shrimp BoilFernandinaBeach 370 Our First Ever Shrimp BoilFernandinaBeach 379 Our First Ever Shrimp BoilFernandinaBeach158 Our First Ever Shrimp Boil

We found out that a Shrimp boil is a simple affair. Not many side dishes, just cocktail sauce, a little fruit and potato salad – the shrimp is the main attraction and we just couldn’t get enough of it. There were lots of cooks and one BIG pot (can you believe people travel with this stuff on their boats?) and of course a lot of talk about how this should be done – everyone does it a little differently. There were cans of Old Bay spice laying around – a must have ingredient when cooking shrimp, we’ve learned since cruising the east coast over the last seven years.

FernandinaBeach156 Our First Ever Shrimp BoilFernandinaBeach155 Our First Ever Shrimp BoilFernandinaBeach168 Our First Ever Shrimp BoilFernandinaBeach165 Our First Ever Shrimp BoilFernandinaBeach161 Our First Ever Shrimp BoilFernandinaBeach1791 Our First Ever Shrimp Boil

It got pretty quiet on the dock as boaters settled in with a delicious plate of shrimp. I guess you could say that the MTOA 2012 Southern Rendezvous really started tonight, on the dock, when we all got a chance to meet other members of this boating club while enjoying a southern tradition.

FernandinaBeach172d Our First Ever Shrimp BoilFernandinaBeach170d Our First Ever Shrimp BoilFernandinaBeach185 Our First Ever Shrimp Boil



  1. Dean Bachelor says:

    OH YEAH, looks great, I had a cooler looking like that a couple years ago, we got a 128qt. cooler FULL of those giant beauties, and we headed and froze them too.
    It is pretty hard to eat it back in michigan these days, you have officially been spoiled for fresh shrimp too.

    Thanks for the post, Dean

    1. lisa says:

      They were soooooo good!

  2. Gavin Rostad says:

    Ya’ll forgot to put the corn and new potatoes in the stew.

    1. lisa says:

      Gavin, this was just a shrimp boil. We’ve had stew before with the corn and potatoes, also really tasty.