Shrimp Night – Dockside

FortMyersBeachh 26 Shrimp Night – Dockside

Two days after the Ranger Tug 2012 Southern Rendezvous planned festivities there are still five Ranger Tugs at dock, including: Roam, Kismet, Illusions, Gipetto and Caroline Ann, most staying for the week. This really give us an opportunity to spend some quality time, as a smaller group, with those still here.

We figured since we are situated almost across from the shrimp boats in the harbor that we should track some down and have a party on the dock tonight. Jim and Mike, on Illusions, took a dinghy ride over to where the shrimp boats are tied up, found a seafood market and picked up some of the freshest and biggest jumbo shrimp we’ve seen in a long time, a bag for almost every boat. Jim came back to Kismet with our stash, cleaned and deveined them while I made cocktail sauce, cole slaw and a nacho dip. We all met on the dock at the appointed time with our differently prepared shrimp dishes and sides and ate and talked till way after dark. Fun night!

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