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Dinghy Ride To Killarney From Covered Portage Cove

Around lunch time, our second day, we joined Charlie and Linda in a dinghy ride over to Killarney to take advantage of the famous fish and chips at the Herbert Fisheries Red School Bus, located right on the channel in town. The fish and chips are very good, a little pricy but we enjoyed every last bite.


A Visit to Killarney nowadays does not include a visit to the School Bus Fish And Chips stand. The bus is now gone a relic of the past.

Shortly after lunch, we parted ways with Charlie and Linda. They wanted to dinghy back to their boat so they could get under way and slowly work their way home. We stayed a little longer in Killarny before returning to the anchorage. We spent one more night on the hook, we wanted to enjoy the balance of the day and night before departing Portage Covered Cove to head towards Georgian Bay the next day.

Linda (above) had to climb pretty far up to get on the dock, luckily the dock had boards spaced like a ladder. Killarney’s local grocery store (below) has all the necessities, however the locals and visitors have to drive to Sudbury for a thorough shopping trip.

Apparently what I thought, at first glance (below-left), was a boat launch is actually an aircraft beaching ramp. Looks like it would serve as a boat launch too, at your own risk apparently. I think this hanging dog, or wolf, is to scare geese away.

Jim and I have cruised past this sign, off the channel in Killarney, many times and always wondered where it led. I decided to find out this time, while Jim manned the dinghy, I crawled up to the dock and went for a peek. The steps led me to this little shrine, Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes. A memorial for the armed forces of both World Wars, the shrine has been here since 1947.

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