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Last Night Docking – Chatterbox Falls

Sitting at the Dock in the Bay, Along with Absolute, a Little Tonic and Santana to Light the Way

By our third night on the dock we were really starting to feel at home as we helped departing boaters leave the dock and newcomers tie up. This exchange of boats happens twice daily at Chatterbox Falls. Seaplanes came and went and after the second slack tide of the day, the dock was full again. The beauty we saw and the atmosphere we felt during our time at the falls was almost indescribable.

Hope the photos help to share our experience.

Docking – Chatterbox Falls

Docking – Chatterbox Falls

Three-days Docking – Chatterbox Falls.

Docking – Chatterbox Falls

Docking – Chatterbox Falls

Docking – Chatterbox Falls

How could we not enjoy our time at the falls with Absolute and Tonic sharing the dock with us along with a little Santana to ease nature’s daily ritual as she transformed the day’s blue skies at the the head of Princess Louisa Inlet into absolute darkness (above and below).

Dinner on this night was centered around some salmon we bought and froze earlier, it was accompanied by some boiled potatoes and kale with hot peppers and bacon. All this fresh air is making us hungry.

Docking at Chatterbox Falls

We spent the early evening helping boats leave the dock (above) as they left to catch the second slack tide of the day and greet boats that came to the falls during the same tidal event. This evening we welcomed 10 Pound Hammer, a  red hulled Ranger Tug just like ours.

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