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Walking And Exploring Around Chatterbox Falls

Lisa and I hiked up the path from the docks so se could spend some time exploring around Chatterbox Falls – close enough to be sprayed by the relentless down pouring of water. Peeking through the lush vegetation at the viewing spot, we were mesmerized yet again, not only by the beauty but the power and force of Mother Nature. We walked a few of the trails and noted the danger signs frequently posted around the park, we tried a few of those trails but decided they were a little too gnarly for us. We certainly kept our distance from the top of the falls as the sign pretty much spelled out what could happen. It was a drizzling kind of wet our first day at the falls, but the visuals of the fog and mist made up for our soggy clothing.

We made the hike to the falls several times during our stay, but never felt like we were able to get enough of it.

Exploring Around Chatterbox Falls
Exploring Around Chatterbox Falls
Exploring Around Chatterbox Falls
Exploring Around Chatterbox Falls

Inscription on plaque (above) reads…

James Frederick MacDonald

1889 – 1978

Laird of the Inlet
Friend to all who came here

Whose monument is this place
of beauty given by him to the
yachting fraternity of the Pacific
Northwest so that it will remain
forever unspoiled.

Exploring Around Chatterbox Falls

Exploring Around Chatterbox Falls

Walking the Beach at Low Tide…

When the tide, which changes by as much as 15 feet, was at its lowest point we ventured out onto the rocky exposed seabed, in front of the falls, in order to get a better direct view.

Back at the Dock…

Back to the boat to dry off and make lunch, something hearty to fill us up after all the hiking and fresh air.

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