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Ranger Tugs Factory In Kent, Washington

We saw the pictures, talked with the Ranger Tugs personnel, took tours at boat shows and visited owners forums, however there really isn’t anything like meeting the folks that make it all happen. In our case I’m referring to everyone at the Ranger Tugs assembly facility in Kent, Washington where our Ranger Tug R27 was built. After our orientation day we spent the next day at the plant loading and provisioning our boat for our initial solo launch, at Port Defiance, later that day.

While at the Kent facility, Andrew (above) continued to educate us on the inner workings of our new boat. He also made sure we had plenty of water to drink (it was an extremely hot and humid day) and food because in the excitement of organizing the boat, we sort of lost track of time.

Once we felt we were somewhat organized we were able take some time to tour the plant, take photo’s of the Ranger Tugs currently under construction, talk with the employees and meet John Livingston (below-left, one of the owners). During the course of the day we also met with Linda, Ranger Tugs Office Manager, she handles all of the paperwork. Last, but not least, we finally got to meet Jeff Messmer (below right), Ranger Tugs Marketing Manager, and our first contact with the company. We also got to meet Kenny (bottom photo-left) who works in the office.

The impression we took away from our short experience at the factory was that everyone seemed very dedicated to their individual jobs and I have to say, it shows in the quality of the end product. It feels very good to be part of the Ranger Tug family. From left to right (below), Jeff, John, Andrew and Kenny.

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