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The Crew Of Kismet Is North Channel Bound

The North Channel is one of our favorite cruising destinations.

There I said it! For those that have been, it is most likely one of your favored destinations as well. If you haven’t been, the following posts and photos, although very nice, can’t possibly do justice to what Mother Nature provides the boating community.

The North Channel is located in Ontario, Canada and resides in a stretch of water 160 nautical miles long at the most northern point of Lake Huron. This body of water is bordered by Georgian Bay to the east, mainland Canada to the north, the St Marys River/ Sault St Marie to the northwest. Manitoulin Island separates the North Channel from Lake Huron to the southwest. An interesting side note is that Manitoulin Island is the largest freshwater island… in the world.

Inside the confines of the North Channel are thousands of islands, interesting rock formations, small waterside villages, well protected coves for anchoring, including a variety of wildlife such as bears, moose, birds, otters and beavers and yes, some snakes all living in or near the crystal clear water. For cruisers like us, who like to explore and check out new anchoring possibilities, the North Channel has endless possibilities to engage a boater. Endless only to the point that since the boating season is so short in this part of the world, it is necessary to return year after year for the magic to continue.

This summer we planned a two week cruise in the North Channel, this will be our third trip, the first in our Ranger Tug, Kismet. We started by trailering our boat north from Traverse City to the Mackinac Bridge, then east through customs reaching our launch spot, in Spanish, Ontario, a few hours after crossing the border.

Stay tuned over the next several weeks, there’s more to come and lots of photos to bring back memories for those who have been or provide inspiration for those yet to come.

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  1. Anxious to see your photos and hear more about your North Channel cruise on Kismet. Wondered if you had any difficulty finding diesel when you needed fuel. Would also like your thoughts on crossing the Mackinac bridge with the boat towed behind. We’re a little reluctant to do so as we had a “windy” experience up there in an SUV one time that was uncomfortable. We’ve considered towing up the Bruce and putting in at Tobermory and would like your thoughts on that as well.

    Enjoy your blog and articles…

    Jeff and Deb

    1. Jeff, so sorry to take so long to get back to you. We have been caught up in our son’s wedding preparations and activities for the past month or so. I will send your note to Jim so that he can answer or give you his thoughts on your questions. Thanks for the note. What color is your boat? Lisa

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