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Stopping At Powell River To Provision

Powell River-1

Powell River – Great Place to Provision –

After only four days spent at Chatterbox Falls, you wouldn’t think we’d have to provision again so soon. Since our mode of transportation is walking from grocery stores with our shopping bags, we can only cart so much stuff back to the boat. It will be harder and more expensive to grocery shop in Desolation Sound, so we always stop at grocery stores when we can and stock up on important items such as beer and chocolate. Sometimes the grocery stores offer to drive us back to the marina, and we almost always take them up on the offer, unless we don’t need much or need the exercise.

We also needed to take care of some business while in Powell River. We’ll be visiting a copy shop, the post office, a used book store and, of course, the grocery store. Shoe shopping is on the list, Jim is looking for new sandals, because his old ones finally gave out.

Connectivity is sometimes a problem when cruising in British Columbia.

Soon we’ll be in the heart of Desolation Sound and all connectivity will be limited if not nil. We think we will occasionally get a cellular signal, but probably in and out. We’ll only be able to get WiFi when at marinas, if then. When it comes to TV, we are completely out of the loop. No news for us – maybe a blessing right now. Occasionally, when we have internet and check a news site, it seems there is one terrorist attack after another, killing and destruction all around – people shooting people or blowing things and people up. Hard to believe the world is in such a state when we are surrounded by so much natural beauty in British Columbia.

Time to unplug and relax!

In all our cruising adventures, this is by far the most remote boating we have ever done – Desolation Sound and the Broughtons. So we are downloading books on our iPads to read and it is a nice change of pace, we needed that. Don’t think we’ve read this much in quite some time. We did, however, come up with the idea to visit some used book stores and resale stores to pick up old DVDs for rainy days. This is when playing the three games we brought and reading gets to be too much. So far we’ve been able to buy a bunch at just about every marina stop. We also take the viewed ones with us the next time we find a store that sells them (and there are a lot of old, used DVDs available out there), and we can often exchange some for others either an even exchange or at minimal cost.



Powell River-3

Powell River-4

Powell River-5

Powell River has a beautiful waterfront trail that runs along the harbour. It’s a long walk from transient dockage to the marina office, showers, laundry and town, but a very nice trail through a grassy shoreline make it enjoyable.

Powell River-6

Powell River-7   Powell River-8

Powell River-11

Powell River-9   Powell River-10

Did you ever read that book, Curve of Time, by M. Wylie Blanchet? A good read before, or during, a cruise through Desolation Sound. Here is a big work boat with

Powell River-13

Powell River-12

Powell River-14

Powell River-15

Powell River-16

Powell River-17

Powell River-18

Powell River-19

Looks like Jim is considering buying this old boat that sits for sale in Powell River!

Powell River-20

Powell River-21

Powell River-22

Here was another interesting boat we saw docked at Powell River. Have never seen a boat like this.

Powell River-23

Powell River-24

Powell River-25

Powell River-26

Powell River-27

Powell River-28

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