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Trailerable Trawlers

Ranger Tugs – Lisa and I spent a lot of time checking out the Ranger Tugs, mostly the 27′ and we have to say, we were duly impressed. I say we were impressed because the 27′ Ranger is not only well constructed but it’s laid out in a very boater-friendly manner.  Read More >

North Pacific Yachts – Coming Soon!

Rosborough – We liked the fact the boat is designed to provide one-third of its space to the stateroom, as well as another third to the saloon/galley and the last third to the cockpit. We liked the fact that the cockpit is available with an optional fiberglass roof extension, providing an area for getting out of the sun or providing a shaded area for an outdoor dinner.  Read More >

Nordic Tugs – Coming Soon!

Cutwater Boats– As a division of Fluid Motion, LLC, manufacturer of the popular fleet of Ranger Tugs, Cutwater Boats offers complementary styling and performance, built to the same high standards of quality that have earned Fluid Motion a position of leadership in the boating industry.

C-Dory TomCat – Like the Aspen C90, is built with a catamaran hull therefore providing the boat with a more stable ride, less drag on plane therefore achieving greater fuel economy.  Read More >

Aspen – Although we knew of the Aspen C90 we didn’t know ahead of time there would be one at the Trawler Fest. The Aspen C90 is built with a 10′ wide catamaran hull therefore providing a nice wide-open saloon with the added benefit of a king-size bed in the stateroom…  Read More >

Heavy Duty Trucks

General Motors – GMC Sierra 2500 – Heavy Duty Pickup Truck – William (Billy) Durant and Louis Chevrolet built Chevrolet cars and when Billy Durant acquired over 50% of General Motors stock from the profits of Chevrolet he took GM over, the year was 1918. He immediate folded Chevrolet into GM and became President of the company for the second time . This was also the same year Chevrolet produced its first truck, one year after Ford and the sales battle has never stopped. Chevrolet has many firsts over the years including the first overhead valve 6 cylinder engine introduced in 1929 as well as the very first 4WD pickup truck for a 1/2, 3/4 and 1 ton. Chevy’s 4WD was introduced in 1957, 2 years before Ford. Back when I was 16 years old my first truck was a 1953 1/2 Chevy, what fond memories!  Read More >

Ford – Super Duty Pickup Truck – “Built Ford Tough” has been Ford’s tag line for a number of years, one I’m sure Henry Ford was not thinking of when he built his first truck way back in 1900. He probably would also be surprised to learn that pickup trucks are the largest selling or one of the largest vehicle selling groups (depends on the year), with Ford trucks being the perennial truck sales leader. Although regular truck production did not occur for many years after the 1900 truck was built, a truck was the third vehicle he made. Over the years Ford has had many firsts including the first chassis built specifically for a truck in 1917, first V/8 engine in a pickup truck in 1932 and twin I-Beam front suspension in 1965. Large volume truck production didn’t really get into high gear until 1917 when Ford introduced the Model T one ton truck chassis. The 1917 model was the first year trucks were built on there own chassis, before then it had always been a car chassis at Ford.  Read More >

Chrysler – Dodge Ram Trucks – Heavy Duty Pickup Truck – Dodge Ram 2500 – Dodge Trucks are traced back to John and Horace Dodge (Dodge Brothers), who began their automotive careers as builders of Model T mechanical parts for Henry Ford. They ventured off on their own to start Dodge in 1914, the year they built their first car. Dodge built commercial wagons for WWI however it was not until 1924 Dodge introduced their first pickup truck, a 3/4 ton. Dodge had many truck first as well, including the flat head 6 cylinder engine in 1933, the same year I was able to trace their iconic Dodge Ram hood ornament back to. It was in 1939 they introduced the very first diesel engine in a pickup truck. I did find conflicting historical information (vs. Chevy and Ford) about 4WD that showed Dodge light duty trucks had this back in 1946.  Read More >

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