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Stopping Short Of Zion National Park

Finally getting into the rockiness of Nevada, Utah and Arizona. Our goal is to arrive at Lake Powell beginning of the week and we’ve picked a great driving route that will allow us some arid vistas and views. Although we’re not really stopping to sightsee along the way we’ve enjoyed driving through the territory we’ve covered so far. We left Las Vegas this morning with much anticipation because we’re heading to Springdale, a small tourist town just outside the entrance to Zion National Park.

Initially we thought we might camp out in the park but after reading a few cautionary signs about the size of vehicles that can drive through the park we decided to stop at an RV park in Springdale instead and think about whether we really wanted to drive through the park or go a longer, less scenic route. Good choice as it turns out since we had a chance to walk around the town and we enjoyed the RV park which was right on the river. Jim also talked to another camper parked right next to us who was trailering an RV close to our size who had just driven through the park and thought we’d do okay with the boat.

Our campsite had a spectacular view of this rocky mountain. Not bad!

A couple of these rock shops caught our eye when we were driving through Springdale, Utah looking for the RV Park.

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  1. The early whale boats carried rocks and stones as ballast and left the ballast in Nantucket which later became the stone streets. After seeing all the painted stones I wonder how much lower on the water line Kismet is riding?

    1. Peter, it’s not that we didn’t often comment to each other about how we’d like to take some of these beautiful rocks home with us but, we know we are limited in space and weight so, I try to capture the beauty with photos. (However I did save two teeny tiny rocks as moments of this trip from special places.) Now, what on earth am I going to do with the thousands of photos I took of mostly rock?

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