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2016 Summer Cruising Season In British Columbia, Canada

Summer Cruising

Our Summer Cruising Season Will Take Us to the Broughton Islands – 

Have you ever been somewhere before that you’ve loved so much you cannot wait to return? Have you ever wondered why it took you so long to discover it? In our early summer cruising adventures we never dreamed territory such as the Pacific Northwest, San Juan and Gulf Islands, Princess Louisa Inlet, Chatterbox Falls and Desolation Sound existed. We’ve returned this year to cruise some of our favorite summer cruising stops from 2013, then we’ll continue further north to explore the Broughton Islands, a territory rich wth wildlife and natural wonders.

Our trip will start in Anacortes, Washington where we’ll provision and prepare for our three-month long adventure north to British Columbia. We’ll spend two weeks in Canada’s Gulf Islands exploring places we have not been to before. First stop will be Sucia Island in the San Juan Islands as we stage to cross over to Canada to Poets Cove for the Ranger Tugs/Cutwater Cruise Event. When we leave there we’ll be stopping in little ports along the way on Pender, Salt Springs and Vancouver Islands. From there we’ll cruise east to Canada’s mainland to make the trip up Jervis Inlet to Chatterbox Falls before heading north to Desolation Sound to spend a month soaking up some of the remote island nature in some of Canada’s most pristine, natural beauty. From Desolation Sound we’ll head through the island waterways as far as the Broughtons to explore. We always love a new adventure and we’ve been told, from others we know who have cruised these waters, the Broughtons will not disappoint. After the Broughtons we’ll turn south and cruise back in the San Juan Islands after crossing the border to the US at the end of August in time to celebrate Labor Day and attend the yearly Ranger Tug/Cutwater Rendezvous in Roche Harbor.


Summer Cruising

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