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Hal, Charlevoix, Michigan

Charlevoix Used to Be Our Homeport – Welcome Home Kismet!

Missing our old homeport! Today we trailered our boat up to Charlevoix and launched her at Ferry Avenue Lake Charlevoix Municipal Boat Ramp. This ramp is just outside of Round Lake, on Lake Charlevoix by Irish Marina. As you can see (below) we were operating in a clouds of bugs that were hanging out at the boat ramp. The most bugs we've had on our boat at one time EVER! We have all known people who possess what seems like a magnetic force of attraction and because of their outgoing personalities, broad smiles and positive demeanors. They are the type of people that we are often attracted to, desire to have as friends and make good examples for the rest of us. Charlevoix's harbormaster extraordinaire, Hal Evans, is one such person and, in our humble opinion, is the best possible ambassador the City of Charlevoix has. Upon a long overdue return, by boat, to CHARLEVOIX on our Ranger Tug, Kismet we…

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