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Boats Beach Anchored, Oak Bay, Lake Powell

Back to Oak Bay for a Peaceful Night

We would have loved to beach anchor in Davis Gulch today after our tour of it, but the only available site was already taken, so back to Oak Bay for us tonight. As we mentioned before this is a popular spot and even though it is off season there were a few houseboats already beached when we arrived.

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Kismet Beach Anchored, Oak Bay, Lake Powell

Two-Night Stay in Oak Bay

On our fourth day out, we found the well protected, but wide open, Oak Bay for a couple night stay, we shared a beach with only one other houseboat. This is one of the most popular bays for boaters in Lake Powell. Today we were more comfortable with picking a spot on the beach and it only took us a few minutes to tie ourselves down, mostly because we'd left our lines and spare anchor tied in place on the boat. Most days, we’d leave our beach anchorage to explore new canyons. Later, about mid-day, we’d start looking for a new beach campsite, early enough to enjoy our new surroundings and take in the Technicolor sunsets. At night, we were mesmerized by the bright, almost full, rising moon which grew bigger every night over the luminous, orange rock, formations until the darkening reddish-yellow glimmer of the rock diminished and the light of the moon alone lit up the canyons in…

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