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Willamette River Cruise To Downtown Portland – Day Trip

Willamette River

Cruise from Columbia River to Willamette River

In an effort to get several cruises in before the weather turns on us, we planned a cruise from the Columbia River to the Willamette River. We left the marina with our son, Ross and grandson, Silas, to Portland within ten days of our arrival. This will be Silas’ third boat trip on Kismet. His first trip was when he was just four days old. The second was in Traverse City last summer. We think he is starting to be old enough to appreciate what our tug can do on the water.


Willamette River-24

Willamette River-4

Willamette River-3

Willamette River-2

Willamette River-9

Willamette River-8

There are nine bridges in downtown Portland. In all, we passed under eleven bridges on our Willamette River cruise.

The Bridges of Portland, Oregon

Willamette River-7

Willamette River-6

Willamette River

Willamette River-17

Willamette River-16

Willamette River-15

Willamette River-14

Willamette River-13

Willamette River-12

Willamette River-11

Willamette River-25

Willamette River-5

“Who’s driving the boat papa?”

“Oh, now I am!”

Willamette River-23   Willamette River-22

Things really got exciting for Silas when papa gave him the wheel. Look at that expression.

Silas is on his way to being a boater.

Willamette River-18   Willamette River-21

Willamette River-20   Willamette River-19

Willamette River-26

Willamette River-33

Willamette River-32

Willamette River-31

Willamette River-30

Willamette River-29

Willamette River-28

Willamette River-27

Willamette River-36

At the end of the cruise, we have one pooped young boy on our hands.

Willamette River-34

Willamette River-35


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