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Canyon Walls Of Lake Powell

Here are just a few examples of the variety of wall shapes and colors you might see while cruising Lake Powell. We couldn’t help but wonder what they faced to become so sculptured and colored. We saw walls with huge jagged pieces clearly pulling away from its mother rock – we imagined they might soon succumb to the elements and make their final descent dissappearing below the deep, dark blue water below.

Lake Powell Canyon Walls

Lake Powell Canyon Walls

Lake Powell Canyon Walls

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  1. I really enjoy your blog. Now that you have been living aboard for awhile, I was wondering how the Ranger 27 is working out. Do you like it? Have there been any issues with the boat? Things that will need to be changed or that you would order from the factory differently if doing it again? Any other comments about the boat in general? Thanks.


        1. Rob, I just checked it got stuck in our inbox. We had changed the password and forgot to change it in the email program. You should have it now.

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