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Mah Jongg Crazy

After the AGLCA Sunset Celebration came to a close, Cheryll (above-left) and Jess (above-right) and I decided we still had plenty of evening left to play a few games of Mah Jongg in the boater’s lounge while the guys watched TV. I always carry a miniature game on board in hopes of bumping into someone who’d like to play, or learn to play. It’s a crazy game with lots of weird procedures and rules but once you get the hang of it,it’s a fun game to play. I had taught Jess to play during the Ranger Tug Southern Rendezvous in Fort Myers Beach. Tonight we taught Cheryll to play. They’re both fast learners.

It was a crazy night of Mah Jongg, we played until well after the guys retired and we each won at least one game.

Mah Jongg  is a fascinating rummy-like game played with tiles rather than cards. The game originated in China, dating back to the time of Confucius. It was originally played solely by the ruling classes; the Mandarins refused to permit other inhabitants of the country to enjoy the pleasure of this aristocratic pastime. Mah Jongg remains the most popular game in the Orient. Interestingly, the rules in North China differ from those in South China. There are several versions of Mah Jongg, but each fall under two broad categories: American Mah Jongg and Chinese Mah Jongg. – NATIONAL MAH JONGG LEAGUE

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