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Ranger Tugs, C-Dorys And Rosboroughs – Marathon, Florida

Ranger Tugs, C-Dorys and Rosboroughs party

Ranger Tugs, C-Dorys and Rosboroughs are everywhere!

The numbers of small trailerable boats on the east coast of the United States is growing. During the past ten years, while we’ve been extensively cruising the eastern waterways, we’ve seen this movement snowball. Ranger Tugs, C-Dorys and Rosboroughs and a few other, small live aboard type trailerable boats are everywhere. During our almost month-long stay in Marathon, we were surprised how many “pocket trawlers” there were scattered at the marinas on the island. There is a certain amount of excitement among the boaters we’ve met recently and that of course translated into an casually organized cocktail party at Marathon Marina, where a few Ranger Tug owners were staying.

Ranger Tugs, C-Dorys and Rosboroughs

Ranger Tugs, C-Dorys and Rosboroughs

Ranger Tugs, C-Dorys and Rosboroughs

Ranger Tugs, C-Dorys and Rosboroughs

Ranger Tug Party-6

Ranger Tug Party-7

Ranger Tug Party-8

Ranger Tug Party-9

Ranger Tug Party-10

Ranger Tug Party-11

Ranger Tug Party-12

Ranger Tug Party-13

Ranger Tug Party-14

Ranger Tug Party-15

Ranger Tug Party-16

Ranger Tug Party-17

Ranger Tug Party-18 Ranger Tug Party-19

Ranger Tug Party-20

Ranger Tug Party-21

Ranger Tug Party-22 Ranger Tug Party-23

Ranger Tug Party-24

Ranger Tug Party-25

Watching the sunset on the other side of the dock before the party ended.

Ranger Tug Party-26

Ranger Tug Party-27

Ranger Tug Party-28

Ranger Tug Party-29

Ranger Tug Party-30

Ranger Tug Party-31

Ranger Tug Party-32

Ranger Tug Party-33

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